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P.R.P. Therapy

What is P.R.P. therapy?

P.R.P stands for platlet rich plasma, which we get from your OWN blood!

We can use your PRP for a number of procedures:

  • To aid in healing of an extraction site
  • To make into a membrane for areas where infection has deterioted bone
  • as a precursor to implants
  • AND, we can use the PRP as a dermal filler, and place on skin to tighten and reduce creping and wrinkles, eliminating risk of alergic reaction and worry of "foreign", or unnatural material.

How do we obtain the PRP?

We draw a few vials of blood, spin in a centrifuge to seperate whole blood into layers,  we use the middle layer, which is the PRP layer. We draw the PRP layer for all above

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